Welcel CBD product review

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Health and wellness optimization has become important, especially in this 21st century when people undergo much depression and exposure to many chemicals. Welcel CBD has offered natural hemp-based products to minimize suicide cases and address medical conditions caused by exposure to harmful chemicals. The company was established by a physician and has a team of professionals to oversee all its processes from the seed level until the products are in the consumer’s hands. Its website is easy to navigate since it is up to date and well-organized. Although reaching its product catalog is quite challenging, it is well organized and has an extensive line of products that make it easier for you to shop all under one company. The company has no vape products, but they offer capsules, topicals, and tinctures. Despite offering discounts to special groups such as teachers, military, and medical providers, their prices are considerable considering they offer top-shelf products. In addition, their products are tested for purity and potency for quality and safety precautions before being released to the market.

About the Company

Welcel CBD was founded by Dr. Lisa Gardner, a certified and experienced physician. She has been serving as an obstetrician-gynecologist, surgeon, and therapist. She encountered many people struggling to improve their health and wellness. Therefore, she wanted to offer them a natural solution to improve their conditions without having future side effects. Dr.Lisa aimed at improving the condition of her patients. As a result, Welcel products are popular due to their quality and are highly recommended by users. Apart from offering information about the co-founder (Dr. Lisa Garden), the company also offers other top-end team members’ pictures and brief bios. This helps customers understand the team’s commitment to offering quality products.

Welcel CBD is a good ambassador of hemp-based products by advocating for them and educating people on their significance. The company’s website offers educational tutorials and guide books that can be downloaded for frequent referencing. The website contains the latest features that make it more organized. It provides links to various information such as terms and conditions and policies. If you fail to trace a major concern you think the company has not addressed, you can check its FAQ page. Its FAQ page has multiple questions, but they have not addressed the shipping and return policies. However, they have a separate link.

Welcel CBD recommends all its customers check on the product’s condition upon arrival to ensure they are in good condition. Suppose they have been damaged in any way, customers should file an exchange complaint within 48 hours. In addition, the company gives 30 days for customers to try out and return the products if they are not satisfied. Only unopened products are accepted, and they should be in their original packaging. Also, the products are to be addressed from where they came from and not the company’s physical address. After the company confirms they are in good condition, a full refund is released within 78 hours minus the incurred shipping fee.

Welcel offers multiple ways to reach out to its support team to seek clarification or request for refund or exchange. They have offered a phone number (817-480-7098), store address (212 Carroll St, Ste 120 Fort Worth, TX 76107), email address ([email protected]), and a live chatbox. We reached out to its support team via online live chat to seek more clarification about their hemp farm location. Their support team responded to our concern promptly, with a precise and satisfying response.

Ordering products from the brand is fast and straightforward. We easily added and removed products from our shopping cart without experiencing any suspicious activities. After confirming payments, we received a verification email with information that our products would be delivered within three days. On the contrary, we received our products on the fourth day, which made us check on comments about their delivery. Various customers had complaints since they received their products even on the eighth day. Each product contained QR codes, making it easier to confirm their lab reports. The tinctures we received showed a difference of 15.91mg, resulting in a 4% variance (the maximum limit set by FDA is 10%). The products had no detectable amounts of THC and lacked any heavy metal that would cause any alarm.

Manufacturing Process

Welcel’s hemp farm is located in Kentucky, the third-best hemp producer after Oregon and Colorado. The company has been certified by FDA as a hemp grower and CBD manufacturer. Also, their farm has a good history of growing hemp for at least 3 generations. Welcel CBD has been using a vertically integrated manufacturing system with experts watching each stage from the seed level until the delivered products. As a result, they have an excellent score for customer satisfaction. They use organic hemp and MCT oil as their primary raw materials. Also, their researchers and medical experts bring in other organic elements to be blended into the products to maximize quality.

Due to the effectiveness of the CO2 extraction method and its clean nature, Welcel CBD uses it to obtain useful extracts from the hemp plant. The crude oil from the hemp is further blended with other natural products before processing. CBD companies highly consider the CO2 extraction method since it minimizes the risk of polluting its products and the environment.

After manufacturing each batch, Welcel CBD ensures they are tested for purity and potency before being released into the market. The lab ensures CBD variance is within the 10% limit. THC levels have been retained below 0.3%, the limits set by the FDA for consumers’ safety. Also, the lab confirms that all the products are void of contaminants as a safety measure. The results are posted on its website for customer verification, and QR codes are provided after purchase verification.

Range of Products

All the products manufactured by Welcel are organic and non-GMO, including tinctures, topicals, capsules, and pet products. All their products are assessed for potency and purity levels.

Welcel CBD Tinctures

Welcel uses CO2 hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil to manufacture its tinctures in two formulations: full spectrum or broad spectrum. Also, they blend ginger, peppermint, and turmeric oils in the hemp plant and MCT oil to yield maximum effectiveness. Although each serving is offered in a 30ml bottle, they are in different potency levels ranging from 600mg and 1200mg for broad-spectrum. On the other hand, full spectrum tinctures are offered in 3000mg, 1000mg, and 500mg. The company recommends oral or sublingual consumption and can be added to beverages and foods. A dropper accompanies each serving for accurate dosage.

Welcel CBD Topicals

Topicals are manufactured using CO2 hemp plant extracts and a considerable amount of MCT oil for easy absorption by the skin. Also, they use natural elements such as arnica, menthol, MSM, and other essential elements. Currently, Welcel only offers 1000mg CBD Roll-on and 3000mg CBD sleep cream for topical use.

Welcel CBD Capsules

Capsules were among the products given priority by the company due to their effectiveness. Unlike topical products and tinctures, they are discreet and easy to administer. They are for oral use only. Welcel suggests users should take them with water or their favorite non-alcoholic beverage. They are manufactured alongside vegetable cellulose, making them vegan. The company offers each capsule in the potency of 25mg of hemp extracts, and each bottle contains 30 capsules. Additionally, Welcel recommends the consumption of one capsule a day, especially for beginners and two for veterans.

Welcel CBD Pet products

Welcel only offers one pet product potency of 250mg at $29.99, manufactured using CO2 hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil, and are tested for potency and purity. They are formulated in full-spectrum, and the dose depends on the dog’s size and age.

What We Like About the Company

Unlike most established companies, Welcel has maximized its advantages to attract more customers by providing ample information about the company, its founder, and other team members. The company was founded by a physician and has experts watching each process and ensuring quality is upheld. Moreover, Welcel has free educational tutorials and guide books to guide its customers and educate them on the relevance of using CBD products. Besides, their products are organic and non-GMO.

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Welcel has offered limited information about their farming practices and the location of their farm. We obtained the information after we reached out to its support team. Also, the company should offer free shipping regardless of the purchased quantity and expand its line of products.

Overall Verdict

Welcel is a brand that can consistently give quality products. They show care and love to their customers by offering downloadable educative tutorials and guidelines. This helps the customers understand CBD products and their impact. Additionally, each product has a detailed description that makes it easier for consumers to understand the products, their impact, and their elements. Although the company has outlined a few weaknesses, none deals with the products. Therefore, they must adjust the weaknesses due to high competition and attract more customers.


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