Should i give my dog CBD oil every day?

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It is generally safe to give your dog CBD oil every day, provided that you keep the dosages low. You can also choose to give him CBD oil in high dosages at one specific time, and either option depends on many factors, including the size and weight of the pet, previous exposure to CBD oil, and the reason for giving him CBD oil.

Most online searches suggest giving a dog CBD oil every day, showing that it is alright to give the furry friend CBD oil daily, given that the CBD dosages are kept low. Alternatively, you might give the furry friend CBD oil once and in high dosages, but many factors come to play when determining the ideal method of administering the cannabinoid. For the most part, the size and weight of the dog, why you are giving him CBD oil, and his previous exposure to CBD oil matter. Here is more information about administering CBD oil to your dog.

Understanding CBD Oil

Before delving into how to administer CBD oil to your dog, you need to understand CBD oil. According to Massi et al. (2006) and Bauer et al. (2020), CBD is the non-psychoactive chemical compound in hemp and other cannabis plants. Cannabis plants like marijuana and hemp have many compounds, collectively called cannabinoids. CBD oil stands out among the rest for its non-psychoactive effects, i.e., it can exert effects without making you feel ‘high.’ Besides, it has therapeutic effects, as Watt & Karl (2017) noted. It is the very reason why many have embraced it, even offering it to pets like dogs.

CBD Oil to Dogs- Why?

CBD oil in human beings seems to have many therapeutic effects. Over the years, people have used the cannabinoid for pain, sleep problems, anxiety, and neurological conditions. Even when studies do not offer sufficient evidence to prove that CBD oil might help with any of these claims, people still take it. Greb & Puschner (2018) noted that CBD oil might have adjunctive therapy in dogs, and many pet owners have embraced the cannabinoid, even fast giving it to dogs. CBD oil seems to have anti-inflammatory properties (Hammell et al., 2016), and many dog owners offer it to their furry friends to improve their pain and inflammation.

Should I Give My Dog CBD Oil Every Day?

CBD oil is like the new kryptonite, claimed to help with several conditions in dogs and people. If you have chosen to go the CBD route with your dogs, you may want to know if you should give him the cannabinoid daily. Most online searches suggest giving dogs CBD online daily, implying that daily CBD dosages to the dog are not necessarily dangerous. But it would help if you kept the dosages low so that the body could handle the cannabinoid. Too low CBD oil might not have effects, but it is safer this way as a general rule of thumb. How else would your dog use CBD oil?

Administering CBD Oil to Your Dog One-Off

Other than giving the dog CBD oil daily, choose to go the one-off route where you offer the cannabinoid once and for all. Most of the time, the one-off method of CBD administration features high CBD dosages since the cannabinoid is delivered once. It is especially applicable when there is an urgent need to do so. All the dog needs is a significant amount of the cannabinoid that will result in substantial effects. Many factors come into play when giving the dog CBD oil once or daily. Below are points that influence your choice of CBD administration method.

The Size and Weight of the Dog

How big or small the dog is and how much he weighs are all critical in determining the suitable method of CBD administration. Generally, smaller dogs would not respond well to extremely high amounts of CBD oil that you can comfortably offer bigger dogs. The same is true of the dog’s weight; dogs that weigh less will do well with daily CBD dosages offered in small amounts. Older dogs might be okay with either option; they may comfortably take daily CBD dosages or one-time high-CBD dosages, so you have to choose. Even with all factors left constant, the weight and size of your dog will come in handy as you decide on the appropriate CBD oil administration method.

The Dog’s Previous Expose to CBD Oil Matters

Whether your dog has taken CBD daily or once in large dosages in the past determines the ideal method you will choose while choosing the best cannabinoid. With experience, dogs, just like human beings, get used to CBD oil and can tolerate it. When you administer CBD oil to a dog you have just put on the CBD regime, you might have to go the daily route and keep the dosages low. You also need to monitor how the furry friend responds to the cannabinoid to know whether to discontinue it or up tit. Ultimately, the same experience helps you know whether your dog would be fit for one-off CBD administration.

The Purpose of CBD Oil Also Determines the Ideal Administration Method for Your Dog

Some pet owners give their dogs CBD oil for general well-being, and such reasons may involve giving the cannabinoid daily in the right dosages. The same is also true of chronic conditions. For instance, if you mean to manage your dog’s cancer or chronic pain, you might have to adopt a routine and offer the cannabinoid daily. However, when you mean to give the cannabinoid when need is, i.e., in the eve pain, you might have to go the one-off route and give the dog a high CBD dosage once.


It is okay to give the dog CBD oil daily, given that you keep the dosages low. Alternatively, you can also choose to give him CBD oil once without adopting a routine. Either option depends on many factors, including the purpose of administering CBD oil, the size and weight of the animal, and the dog’s previous exposure and interaction with CBD oil.


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