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All About CBD Disposables

CBD disposables are small, discreet vaping devices meant to provide users with on-the-go inhalable CBD. CBD disposables come pre-charged and pre-filled with CBD vape juice, ready to use as soon as you take it out of the packaging.

Thanks to their compact size and unassuming appearance, CBD vapes are incredibly user-friendly, and we know how important this is when so many vapes on the market are so complicated and intimidating.

You can almost always count on CBD disposables to be single-use and non-refillable, and you can find them in a wide variety of mouthwatering flavours, making vapes an especially pleasant experience.

CBD Disposables vs Refillable CBD Vapes

As you’ll quickly find, the category of CBD vapes is quite vast, with all kinds of different designs and functions.

Generally, though, CBD vapes can be classified into two different types: disposable and refillables.

So which one should you use?

For disposables, one of the most attractive features is their straightforward, all-in-one usability, since they’re designed to include everything you need. And needless to say, they’re especially appealing to beginners.

On the other hand, refillable vapes are different from disposables in a few different ways; for starters, they’re usually a few different separate parts, including the battery, cartridge, and charger.

While refillable vapes require a bit more work, they’re worth it for those who vape frequently on a given week, as they’ll save more money and time.

Ultimately, though, the best type of CBD vape for you will depend on your needs, but disposables are right at your fingertips when you need them.

Why Vape CBD?

There’s an endless number of ways you can consume your CBD. And yet, vaping continues to be one of the most popular choices in the industry.

And the reason why comes down to bioavailability.

When we talk about bioavailability, we’re referring to the degree to which a compound is absorbed into your bloodstream. And for each different type of CBD product, the bioavailability is going to vary noticeably.

When CBD is inhaled, it’s absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the lungs, almost instantaneously. And as a result, it’s believed that with CBD disposables, the therapeutic benefits are going to kick in faster, as well.

But with other CBD consumables (i.e., gummies), you’ll find that the CBD takes a bit longer to absorb into your bloodstream, since it needs to go through the digestive system, first.

Aside from the appeal of their bioavailability, many users simply enjoy the experience of vaping, and the smooth, natural flavours it can create.

Lastly, users can buy their CBD vapes in a wide range of different flavours, extracts, and potencies.

What is Broad-Spectrum CBD?

When shopping for CBD disposables (or any CBD product), you’ve probably heard of the terms full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate.

And while most of us are aware that full-spectrum CBD contains all of hemp’s naturally-occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients, broad-spectrum CBD doesn’t get a lot of coverage.

So what are broad-spectrum CBD disposables?

Essentially, broad-spectrum CBD is exactly like full-spectrum CBD, but with no THC.

Legitimate broad-spectrum CBD is made by extracting THC from a full-spectrum hemp extract, so that what remains is a CBD-rich blend of broad-spectrum that’s rich in different cannabinoids, terpenes, and other organic compounds.

Why Choose CBD Disposables?

Like we discussed above, you’re going to need a vape pen in order to vape CBD. Needless to say, though, the amount of options available can be quite overwhelming.

So how do you choose the right CBD disposable?

To simplify, there are many perks that come with vaping CBD disposables, and they remain a favorite on the market for good reason.

If you’re curious about alternative vapes on the market, there’s a ton of different products available. But if you like to try lots of different flavours and terp profiles, or if you simply want a streamlined, straightforward way to vape, disposables are the way to go.

How to Use CBD Disposables

When you search how ro use CBD disposables on forums, you’ll soon find that things can get complicated, especially when you get caught up in the more advanced discussions which, when you’re a first-time vaper, don’t really need to know about.

But in the case of disposables, anyone can pick one up and get started.

Typically, it’s recommended to start with small draws if you’re a first-timer, so that you don’t overwhelm yourself with the vapors.

It’s also worth noting that shorter draws mean smaller doses of CBD, which gives users space to figure out their tolerance and ideal dosage. On top of that, this ensures that your CBD disposable will last even longer.

That being said, disposables aren’t really intended for long-term use, but you also want to make sure it lasts, and that you get your money’s worth. This is why proper storage is key with CBD disposables.

We recommend that you store your CBD disposable in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight, and make sure to keep it out of reach of children.

When you’ve finished your CBD disposable, you can dispose of it in any garbage receptacle, and all that’s left to do next is to pick your next flavour.

Different Types of CBD Disposables for Sale

When it comes to CBD disposables, a major part of the appeal is the almost endless number of flavours available. Whether you prefer something luscious and decadent, or fruity and sweet, there’s a CBD disposable for you.

On top of that, we’re meeting the growing demand for broad-spectrum CBD through our THC, PG and VG-free proprietary formula, which is made up of 800mg CBD, 30mg CBN, 30mg CBG, 30mg CBDA, and 100mg hemp-derived terpenes.


Do CBD carts make you drowsy?

Some CBD users may experience drowsiness as a side effect, but this may not necessarily happen to you.

Can CBD vape disposables cause nausea?

For some users, especially new ones, mild nausea may be a side effect of using CBD. However, it may not necessarily affect you, and this tends to be temporary.

What is a CBD vape disposable?

A CBD vape disposable is a disposable attachment filled with CBD-infused vape juice for a convenient, easy vape experience. At JustCBD, our CBD vape disposables are made only with CBD and plant-based terpenes for the purest experience possible.

Do CBD vape disposables help with insomnia?

While many customers take CBD to help them sleep better, there is no evidence that CBD is an effective insomnia medication, and we do not claim our products to heal, treat, or cure any type of health concern, disease, or disorder.

Can CBD vape disposables make you sick?

In some cases, mild nausea may be a side effect of CBD, but this doesn’t affect everyone the same way. In most instances, though, this is a temporary matter.

Do CBD vape disposables help with insomnia?

While many individuals purchase CBD as a sleep aid, there is currently not enough evidence proving that CBD helps with insomnia. If you are experiencing insomnia, contact your physician about the best course of action.

Can CBD vape disposables be taken orally?

Because our CBD vape disposable is only made of CBD and plant-based terpenes, it is safe to ingest. However, we don’t recommend this, just because you’re missing out on the aroma and flavor profile these vape disposables were made to exude. If you’d like to take your CBD orally, we recommend that you go with one of our CBD tinctures, or even try some of our gummies.

Can CBD vape disposables go bad?

Yes, CBD vape disposables can go bad, typically in a span of 12-24 months when stored properly. This can impact the quality and effectiveness of the CBD vape disposable.


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