Green gorilla review 2021

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The medical field is getting attuned to the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil, which explains why this substance has taken the world by storm. Also, with many brands on the market, Green Gorilla is your trusted industry leader in organic hemp products. The company, founded by a passionate couple, is dedicated to providing people with quality CPD products. Discover pure CBD gummies, capsules, lip balm, topicals, pet care, and much more from this brand.

In today’s marketplace, users often find CBD products with inaccurate label claims. Such fake products are mostly packed in attractive labels, making it hard for buyers to identify. However, unlike such brands, Green Gorilla strives for quality, potency, consistency, and affordable prices. The company uses US-grown quality organic hemp, alongside a safe CO2 extraction method that ensures no residual solvents are left behind. The method also ensures the final products are safe for human and animal use. Moreover, their pure CBD yield goes through licensed independent third party testers who analyze samples to guarantee all their products are free of contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides.

Green Gorilla’s dedication to quality shines through its processes from seed to sale. The company has a certified hemp farm where organic farming methods are practiced. Besides, they have partnered with licensed organic hemp farmers in the country who supply industrial hemp. Working with certified natural ingredients only, the company ensures the delivery of pure, consistent, safe, and effective CBD products to the consumer. That said, if you are looking for certified quality organic CBD oil that you can rely on, Green Gorillas is the company for you.

About the Company

Green Gorilla is a CBD company founded in 2013 as a family business. The company was co-founded by a couple; Steven Saxton and Katherine Guevara, who had experienced firsthand the therapeutic properties of CBD and wanted to enlighten people of the miraculous benefits of this substance. From the early 2000s, the founders were fascinated by the effects of CBD on their lives, friends, and associates. After years of success, the couple knew it was time to launch a CBD company. This set in motion the events that led to the company that it is today. Their headquarters are based in Malibu, CA.

As an entrepreneurial couple, the two wanted to launch USDA-certified CBD products on the market. Therefore, to do so, they set out on a mission to nurture USDA-certified 100% natural ingredients from the ground up. They set up organic farmland from which to source industrial hemp and as well collaborated with licensed farmers who grow 100% organic and non-GMO hemp on local farmlands.

The company is a reputable brand for delivering CBD products processed from the finest ingredients. Moreover, aside from its partnerships with local farmlands, the company grows its industrial hemp via its farming partner, Gorilla FarmCo. To keep quality control, Green Gorilla monitors its in-house processes from seed to sale, including cultivation, manufacturing, formulation, packaging, and bottling. Besides, their entire product’s mark of quality is provided by independent lab testers who analyze samples to ascertain they are bred under organic conditions and are free of contaminants.

Due to its success in helping people improve their quality of life using only the pure and finest CBD oil, the company went further to diversifies its product line. And today, it runs as a self-proclaimed lifestyle brand. The family oversees the day-to-day running of the company, including the management of employees and its eco-conscious and sustainable hemp farmlands. It was established less than a decade ago, but fast forward to today, it has a rich network of experts who genetically enhance the strain of hemp on its west coast farms (in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Colorado) to ensure the quality and potency of its CBD extracts are consistent.

Why Green Gorilla?

With all the CBD brands in the market, why would you go for the Green Gorilla for your CBD products? The company’s Malibu location, alongside its lifestyle brand connotation, makes it an attractive appeal for the locals who live nature-loving, active, and social lifestyles. However, the company is as good as any top CBD brand out there as it offers a variety of products for human and pet care. Its wide range of product selection makes the company a favorite for many, especially those looking to upgrade lifestyle routines of wellness. Green Gorilla offers full-spectrum and CBD isolates, and pet care products, horses included.

The Green Gorilla Specs

The brand is characterized with the following specs. Its website has a seamless user interface that is quite easy to navigate. They have light and easy to contextualize web pages that can easily load on phones, tablets, and laptops. Besides, their choice of typefaces and background colors makes navigation easy and comfortable for the eye. The following are the specifications:

  • Hemp source – the USA.
  • It uses the supercritical CO2 in its CBD Extraction method.
  • The price ranges between $3.00 and $300.00.
  • Price per mg of CBD ranges between $0.02 and $0.4.
  • International shipping – United States.
  • It offers money-back guarantee.
  • It has tastes and Flavors.
  • It offers military veterans discount.
  • CBD strength – 15 to 7500 mg.
  • Different extract include CBD isolate oils, Broad spectrum, and Full spectrum.
  • Consumption Method: tinctures and drops, gummies, creams, and topicals; for pets – edibles and tinctures.

Manufacturing Process

The Green Gorilla brand is known for its stellar cultivation and in-house manufacturing practices that yield high-quality CBD products. Also, in a marketplace where more than half the products contain inaccurate label claims, this is a priceless quality. After all, consumers deserve pure, potent, consistent, and quality products. Therefore, here is the manufacturing process used by the brand;

First and foremost, the company uses USA-grown industrial hemp, sourced from partner west coast farmlands located in Colorado, Nevada, California, and Oregon. Besides, the company has set up its own 1500 acre organic hemp farmland in Arizona, which supplements hemp sources used to diversify its product line. To ensure compliance with the USDA, FDA, and GMP standard regulations, Green Gorilla goes out on its way to monitor cultivation practices on its partner FarmCo, as well as use in-house processes such as extraction, formulation, and packaging.

Regarding the method of extraction, Green Gorilla uses supercritical CO2 to extract CDB, which is a sure way to preserve hemp’s volatile phytonutrients, cannabinoids, and useful terpenes. This mode of extraction is the industry standard that ensures no residual solvents are left behind, and that full-spectrum CBD is obtained. Green Gorilla offers the finest CBD made from certified natural ingredients, feet they achieve via their long-term partnership with Gorilla FarmCo. Additionally, all their products undergo independent lab testing from licensed testers in the country.

Green Gorilla has partnered with experts who use high-end cloning technology in collaboration with certified local growers to engineer the best genetic strain of hemp, an effort to maximize the potency of their CBD products. Their cannabinoid profile includes CBN, CBD, CBG, and CBC, all of which are compounds that work synergistically to produce the most potent CBD oil. Besides, the company uses monitoring mechanisms from seed to sale to ensure quality and compliance with state rules and regulations.

Range of Products

Green Gorilla: Product Catalog

The company provides a decent range of CBD-derived products for human use, pets, and even horses. The following is the company’s product summary

  • CBD Gummies.
  • Full-Spectrum CBD
  • Pure CBD Isolates
  • CBD Topicals.
  • CBD oil for horses.
  • CBD oils and edibles for pets.

Reviewed Products

When you visit the brand, here are the products you are likely to meet. The products are reviewed individually for easy decision making.

Green Gorilla CBD Oil

The first product we reviewed from Green Gorilla was their 1200 mg whole-plant full-spectrum CBD oil. One downside to this product is that the visible label indicates 1200 mg. For starters, you would naturally assume it contains that much CBD. However, we found 300mg of CBD, which included ingredients such as:

  • Organic rosemary leaf extract.
  • Organic lecithin.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.
  • Turmeric root extract.

This bottle had a potency of 11.50 mg, which we found quite effective, but wouldn’t recommend for veteran users. Instead, such low potency would be ideal for users looking to get started with CBD on their supplementation shelf.

CBD Green Gorilla Gummies

The second product we decided to review in their product line was their CBD gummies. On analysis, we found that every gummy had a potency of 5mg of CBD, and contained 0% THC. We found the gummies to be quite tasty, and anyone would ditch their favorite gummies for them.

Green Gorilla CBD Balm

Our third product was the CBD balm that we were quite spoilt for choice with regards to taste and flavor. The company offers an admirable combination of botanicals such as rosemary, turmeric, peppermint, arnica, and lavender. The company’s soothing botanical balm is manufactured using organic ingredients and infused with extra-strength CBD and a blend of flavors, essential fatty acids, and phytonutrients that give it the soothing, conditioning, and moisturizing relief. The cream is made with extra-strength CBD potency for a stronger effect.

Pet product line

The Green Gorilla freeze-dried CBD Dog Nibs

In the pet CBD product section, we went for the Dog treats. This is without a doubt the most convenient way to introduce your puppy to CBD oil. Each nibble contained 3mg of CBD oil, which is considered a safe potency to get your dog started. All in all, the company offers other isolates and full-spectrum products that you could give your farm animals, cats, and horses.

The Company’s Dedication to Quality

The company’s mission is to provide the purest quality of CBD to its clients while offering clarity in an industry that is plagued with misinformation. First, Green Gorilla produces hemp-derived CBD oils using organically-grown industrial hemp that is grown on its Arizona-based 1500 acre agricultural division (Gorilla FarmCo) farmland or sourced from licensed farmers on the west coast who use organic farming practices.

The company formulates its hemp and olive products using extra virgin oil, which has plenty of polyphenols. Their 99% pure CBD isolate from Colorado farmlands is used to formulate their line of topicals, balms, and tinctures. Before establishing local farmlands, Green Gorilla used to ship its hemp from Denmark. Besides, their adherence to organic agricultural practices ensures that their hemp is 100% organic and non-GMO, and is free of pesticides and herbicides.

Independent Third Party Testing

Unlike other brands out there, Green Gorilla is dedicated to accuracy, transparency, and quality. And in doing so, the company never tries to hide who they are and how compliant their products are to quality guidelines. As such, they disclose all their third-party laboratory results on every product. If you are looking to verify that, you can navigate to their Education section under the Science tab on their website. Here, you will find all the information relating to independent testers on their samples for the 1200mg whole-plant and full-spectrum CBD, and the 3000mg pure CBD isolates.

The company posts all the latest information on its website for everyone to access. This helps to build trust in new and old customers. Naturally, that’s what we did. We navigated their site and found that all their products are free of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

What Customers Are Saying About Green Gorilla

Overall, customers have expressed delight and satisfaction towards Green Gorilla products. On the forums we visited, notably their Facebook page, we noticed rave reviews from consumers who hailed the effectiveness of their products. Most mentioned they were impressed with the quality of their creams and tinctures. However, the main flaw we realized was the low potency of most of their products, with the majority having 11.50 mg of CBD, which is veteran users would find ineffective.

When you visit their website, however, you will notice a handful of reviews and an indication of limited engagement from customers. That is because more interaction and reaction happens on the company’s social media forums. But from the few reviews we could find, we noticed generally pleasing feedback from customers, with most noting that Green Gorilla’s CBD products relieved their back pains, anxiety, and also helped them sleep better.

Other Benefits of Green Gorilla’s Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

  • It promotes calmness and a relaxed feeling.
  • It relieves anxiety.
  • It helps relieve chronic pain, inflammation, and discomfort.
  • It helps promote healthy heart health.
  • It promotes cognitive health.

Green Gorilla Shipping and Returns Policy

The company offers a two-week return policy for all products that are still sealed and in their factory packaged form. That is because the company declines all returns on unsealed or used products. Besides, customers are held responsible for return shipping charges. But once the package has been returned, it will take two business days for the customer to get an email notification.

Overall, the company staff will inspect the package, and proceed to make a full refund to the customer. However, there are other guidelines regarding refunds. First, the company makes full refunds only for orders less than $100. And secondly, for all orders above $100 on verified addresses, an in-store charge is deducted.

Regarding shipping, the company currently ships to regions within the United States. For those based elsewhere in the world, you might opt for other brands that offer international shipment. For US-based customers, and with orders above $75, the company offers free shipping. The delivery time frames courier options are not listed on their company’s website, though.

Company Mission

When starting in 2013, Green Gorilla set out with the mission to offer the purest CBD that nature could provide to help people integrate its benefits into their wellness routines. As such, the company also doubles up as a lifestyle brand dedicated to improving people’s quality of life.

The company focuses on purity, potency, and consistency, which is why they use as many organic ingredients as possible. When you visit their website, you will find the USDA organic label, which is also indicated on their products. Their USDA organic Integrity means they are a legitimate company that adheres to their organic and non-GMO claims. On this account, the company website has details indicating that the company is certified, with all their products being 94% organic.

Green Gorilla’s third-party reports revealed that their CBD extracts contained no impurities or harmful chemicals. And while their USDA label is still disputed, the company has invested in stellar farming mechanisms that could be classified as eco-conscious. Their desire to improve the environment and create a sustainable habitat on earth shines through their generative organic and non-GMO farming practices on their 1500 acre farmland in Arizona, as well as their agricultural division, Gorilla FarmCo.

What We Like About the Company

The company is loved by most buyers for the following reasons;

  • The company offers a wide selection of CBD products for human and pet use, including lip balms, tinctures, and drops, creams and topicals, dog treats, among others.
  • All their products are third-party lab tested with licensed independent testers, which guarantees that they are free of impurities and contaminants.
  • Green Gorilla uses regenerative organic and sustainable farming practices on its farms to grow industrial hemp.
  • The company adheres to the strict use of organic ingredients.
  • The company is FDA, GMP certified as a manufacturing facility.
  • The company is dedicated to quality and is transparent about who they are and the composition of their products.

Other aspects we liked about the company were its light website that was well-organized and easy to navigate. Any information such as their certificates of analysis was easily retrievable under their science tab. Even for new customers, you will find this pretty convenient. Moreover, our analysis revealed that their full-spectrum CBD oil contained all the volatile phytonutrients that comprise a rich formula for efficacy. Besides, all their oils are formulated with 100% all organic ingredients and carriers such as extra virgin olive oil, antioxidants, healthy fats, and polyphenols.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

  • The majority of the company’s products have a low CBD potency, with many having 11.50 mg/ml of CBD or less. For veteran users of CBD, this potency could be considered quite low.
  • Compared to other top brands, Green Gorilla offers their products at relatively high prices, especially considering the low potency.
  • The company has poor labeling and dosage guidelines.

Other aspects we disliked about the company were its questionable label of the USDA. The company has its fair share of strengths and shortcomings, and the lack of clarity on its use of the USDA organic integrity label could be considered misuse. For instance, the company indicates that all its products are 94% organic, but the industry standard regulation requires that all products made using organic ingredients should have at least 95%. This might be interpreted as well below the standard. Moreover, experienced users of CBD on their review platform raised concerns about their product’s low potency about their overpricing. Their CBD gummies and dog treats contain 5mg and 3mg of CBD respectively, which we consider to be quite low.

Our Overall Verdict

Is the review enough to convince you to buy CBD products from the Green Gorilla brand?

All said and done, we were impressed with the company’s profile overall. First and foremost, their products delivered as expected, albeit a little variance on potency – which should be expected for any manufactured goods. Secondly, their website was pretty light and easy to navigate, whether via phones, tablets, or desktops. Regarding their transparency, the company’s certificates of analysis and authenticity were readily available on their website under their education tab. That said if anyone is looking for a CBD product company that offers high quality, consistent, and potent CBD oils, tinctures, creams, topicals, and pet care products, we highly recommend the Green Gorilla company for all your CBD needs.


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