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Elevate CBD is committed to transparency. It has offered information regarding its farming, manufacturing process, and some of its team members and biographies. This brand has focused more on farming practices, their products, front team members, a few manufacturing practices, and the extraction method. The company has been certified by FDA, which approved their manufacturing facility and all protocols used to process their products to ensure they are safe for usage. However, the company has not been accredited by USDA and BBB, even though their products are organic and non-GMO. Their website is well organized, making navigation and locating particular details much easier. In addition, it contains the latest features that make its usage easier. The website has been designed with different links such as FAQ, terms and conditions, and policies making it easier to locate information. Currently, the company manufactures capsules, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and pet products. For maximum effectiveness, the products have been manufactured with CO2 hemp plant extracts, MCT oil, and other natural elements. Most importantly, they offer quality products at considerable prices.

About the Company

Since health and wellness concerns are giving people sleepless nights, Elevate CBD decided to join other brands to offer a plant-based solution that will positively impact people. The company was established after seeking advice from experts. According to their website, Nancy Cusick (a pet trainer), and Dr. Paul Bove, are some of the specialists involved in ensuring all the products are safe for consumption through testing their potency and purity levels. Although other CBD brands have been fighting to be accepted in the food and drugs industry, they were among the first to be accepted as distributors of Grocery Outlets, Drug Stores, and Healthcare/Food within the CBD market. The company’s headquarters are located in Telford, PA. Since we are concerned with the reputation of CBD companies, we checked whether they had received any warning from FDA or BBB, which we did not find.

Since not all information has been provided on their website, some questions remain among customers and other interested parties such as our team. To address such concerns, the company has a FAQ page divided into two parts; questions on CBD and Elevate CBD. The company has addressed over 40 questions with extensive and helpful responses that anyone could understand.

If your needs have not yet been articulated, you can reach its support team for more guidance. They have offered a phone number (215-660-9123), email address ([email protected]), and a message box on their contact page. Since the company had not offered adequate information about its manufacturing process, we decided to seek more clarification as we also assessed its support team efficiency. We contacted them via email, but there was no response even after waiting for a week.

We decided to order a few products to confirm their buying experience. They have a well-defined product catalog, separated and organized according to products. In addition, you can access the product you need by selecting them from the home page. Currently, the company offers topicals, capsules, tinctures, pets, edibles, and sprays. Moreover, it offers product descriptions to help avid users understand their products better. Unlike most companies, this brand offers an adequate explanation of each description for better understanding. Some of the descriptions include ingredients, how to use the products, key product facts such as lab reports, and the products’ purpose. Suppose you are content with the description and think the product might benefit your health and wellness; click on “ADD TO CART” to continue shopping. After shopping, you can approve your order by making payments from the bank or credit cart. Upon verifying payments, you will receive an email to confirm your order with a tracking number to help you follow up on your products until they are delivered.

The company’s email stated that we would receive our products within five days. They kept their promise by delivering them on the third day. Since we are interested in potency variance, we scanned QR codes provided on their CBD cooling cream to ensure it was within the required limit of 10%. The result we obtained had a slight variation of over 4%, which was within the limit; the report indicated potency of 70.00mg of CBD per bottle, yet we obtained 74.06%. However, there were no detectable amounts of THC, which is a big score on their side.

Manufacturing Process

Elevate CBD values its manufacturing process since it determines the quality of its products. The company’s fight in offering quality begins from the seed level of the hemp plant. The company has been certified by FDA. According to the company, all their processes are done within the USA, and their largest market is within the USA. However, they are striving to expand their market outside USA borders. Apart from organic hemp extracts and MCT oil, the company also uses other organic elements blended into the products to ensure quality and effectiveness.

Upon harvesting the hemp, it is dried and processed quickly. Since the company’s emphasis is on delivering quality, they use the CO2 method of extraction to obtain useful cannabinoids and terpenes, which will be blended in other organic elements for further processing. Most CBD companies prefer CO2 since it is effective, clean, and eco-friendly, unlike other extraction methods such as ethanol. During manufacturing, the company has specialists in the chemical and manufacturing industry to ensure minimum chemicals are used for the sake of their products and the environment at large.

After each batch has been crafted, the company ensures the products are tested for safety and quality affirmation. Elevate CBD prefers using an independent third-party lab since public labs have a bad reputation in terms of accuracy. The lab ensures each batch of THC levels has been restrained below 0.3% and CBD potency variance within the 10% limit. FDA has given limits for consumers’ safety. In addition, the lab ensures all the products are safe for consumption by carrying out contaminants tests and ensuring no chemicals or heavy materials have penetrated the end products.

Range of Products

According to a customers review, the company manufactures one of the best products within the CBD market, and most customers have found them to be effective. Their products exist in various flavors and are offered a wide potency range.

Elevate CBD Tinctures

Although tinctures might not be discreet, they are the best since they yield rapid effectiveness. The body easily absorbs liquid products, unlike in solid form. Also, the company recommends a 1ml drop to be placed under the tongue for up to 60 seconds before swallowing. The company’s tinctures are offered in cinnamon, lemon, and wild berry flavors. Also, each serving is offered in a 30ml bottle, although in different potency levels from 150mg to 4800mg.

Elevate CBD Topicals

The company offers unique topical products manufactured in full-spectrum form using organic CO2 hemp plant extracts. Besides using hemp extracts and MCT oil, they have also considered using organic elements such as magnesium and menthol. Although the company offers cooling creams and twist-up solid to enhance relaxation after a long day or workout, they also offer beauty products with anti-aging properties.

Elevate CBD Capsules

CBD users widely prefer capsules because they are discreet and can be administered at one go. According to the product description offered under capsules, they are designed to enhance sleep, relax your brain, and support inflammation levels. The company recommends its users to administer the capsules orally with pure water or their favorite non-alcohol drink. Currently, the company offers them from 30mg to 750mg.

Elevate CBD Edibles

Edibles, especially gummies, have been suggested as the best way of consuming your daily CBD since they are discreet and easy to administer. Moving around with CBD gummies is much easier, and they can be stored in your work desk. Currently, the company uses CO2 hemp plant extracts alongside MCT oil to manufacture gums, mints, drink mixers, and dissolvable strips.

Elevate CBD Pet Products

Pet products have become common within the CBD market, and various companies are enhancing hemp-based products to enhance pets’ health and wellness. They are designed to enhance mobility and calmness for cats and dogs. This brand uses natural elements that are 100% organic to manufacture pet products.

What We Like About the Company

Elevate company has proven to be outstanding in various things. The company has a team of qualified medical experts to ensure all its products are safe for consumption. Elevate products have reasonable prices compared to other brands. In addition, they have a wide line of products that makes it easier for their customers to find their preferred product under one brand. Its products are also unique due to their delicious flavors.

What We Don’t Like About the Company

Although the company has various strengths that make it preferable to other brands, it needs to address its weaknesses. The company needs to offer more information about its sustainable farming processes and the extraction method. Such information is essential since it helps customers understand the company’s efforts in offering quality. Elevate does not offer discounts for special groups such as military and veterans in their support.

Overall Verdict

Although Elevate CBD has a few weaknesses that ought to be addressed, they still offer some of the best products within the company. The products are manufactured by a team of experts and tested to ensure they are safe for consumption. In addition, they have different affordable products that ease your shopping. However, we recommend the company to address its weaknesses due to high competition to maintain relevance in the market.


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