Are capsules the same as edibles?

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CBD capsules are not the same as edibles. Although the two are ingested to benefit from CBD, many factors in the two categories vary, including flexibility in dosing the cannabinoid, bioavailability, and taste. Here is all you need to know about how CBD capsules and edibles compare.

Whether you want to make CBD part of your regimen or have been taking it for some time, one question you may want to ask is how CBD capsules and gummies compare and if they are the same. Of course, the two are ingestible CBD delivery methods but they differ in many ways. For instance, CBD edibles allow for flexible dosing, whether you are buying the premade products or are using the cannabinoid for cooking. However, capsules are more consistent in digestion and delivering results but do not offer flexible dosing. Besides, one might overdose on CBD edibles since they are tempting as snacks, but the same is not true of CBD capsules. Here is all you need to know about how CBD edibles and capsules compare.

The Basics of CBD

Since every day sees CBD growing in popularity, many want to know about it. What is CBD, and why is there much hype around it? According to Massi et al. (2006), CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis plants. There are many other cannabis plants, each having active compounds called cannabinoids. CBD stands out among the rest of the cannabinoids since it is therapeutic according to Watt & Karl (2017). Besides, unlike THC, another widely researched cannabinoid, CBD is non-psychoactive and does not make you ‘high.’

Types of CBD in CBD Capsules and Edibles

It is worth noting that CBD is an umbrella term with several options below it. At JustCBD, we offer most products in full-spectrum formulated CBD, but there are other types of the cannabinoid. Any CBD product should be available in at least one of the following three types;

  1. Full-spectrum CBD; features CBD with the entire range of cannabinoids, including THC, CBN, CBT, and CBG. Besides, it has terpenes and flavonoids, which according to VanDolah et al. (2019), lead to a full entourage effect.
  2. Isolate-based CBD; as the name suggests, this type of CBD features isolates and has CBD without any other hemp compounds. Isolate-based CBD has no terpenes, flavonoids, or additional cannabinoids.
  3. Broad-spectrum CBD; is more like full-spectrum CBD in composition but lacks THC. It is ideal for whoever wants to enjoy CBD with terpenes, flavonoids, and additional compounds but not THC.

What Are CD Capsules and Edibles?

CBD is not directly absorbed into the body as a compound. However, when combined with other things the body can easily take in, it is absorbed into the bloodstream and the results kick in. CBD edibles and capsules are two forms in which the cannabinoid goes to the body. CBD capsules are gel containers filled with CBD, and are more like fish oil or liquid-oil supplements but with different contents. CBD edibles are broad and refer to any food-like form in which you can take the cannabinoid. Edibles include premade products in the CBD stores like gummies, brownies, and cookies, and also take in any CBD-infused drinks, beverages, and drinks. CBD edibles and capsules differ in many ways, as brought out in the next section

CBD Edibles vs. Capsules: Taste

Edible and capsules differ in taste, which is one factor people look at when considering which deliverable method to go for. Capsules are great at delivering CBD without letting you feel its earthiness and bitterness and so are edibles. However, edibles are better in taste. For instance, CBD gummies, brownies, and honey sticks are flavored and taste well, but CBD capsules are plain.

CBD Edibles vs. Capsules: Flexibility in Dosing CBD

According to Vučković et al. (2018), CBD can help with chronic pain, including cancer, fibromyalgia, and injuries. However, studies are yet to prove how efficacious CBD is in helping with pain, and so far, the FDA has not approved of using CBD for any type of pain. Whether you want CBD for pain or any other reason, the struggle for dosing the cannabinoid is real. Still, CBD edibles allow for more flexibility in dosing CBD. For instance, you can divide a chocolate bar by two to half the dose, but you cannot do the same for CBD capsules. Besides, you can lessen or increase the amount of CBD in your recipe to reduce or up the total CBD concentration.

CBD Edibles vs. CBD Capsules: Bioavailability

The other factor to look at when choosing an ideal CBD deliverable method is bioavailability. It basically means how fast the cannabinoid is absorbed into the bloodstream and how quick the results surface. Generally, CBD capsules are more efficient at delivering CBD. Although they cannot match CBD oils and tinctures in bioavailability, they are more efficient than edibles since the gel caps dissolve fast. Of course, edibles are tasty and flavored, but they need more time for digestion and the results to kick in.

CBD Edibles vs. CBD Capsules: Discretion

We all might have to travel from one time to another and if one depends on CBD for health reasons, he must consider discretion. At JustCBD, we offer CBD gummies & other edibles and CBD capsules that you might want to shop for. CBD capsules are as discreet as other capsules, so you can take the cannabinoid this way without drawing attention to yourself unnecessarily. The same is also true of CBD edibles; you can enjoy gummies or brownies like any other desserts without letting anyone know you are taking CBD. Therefore, as much as discretion is concerned, CBD edibles and capsules score the same points.

What Should You Buy: CBD Edibles or CBD Capsules?

CBD edibles and capsules both deliver the cannabinoid to the body. What you choose to buy depends on your preferences and what you want in CBD. If you want taste and flavor, CBD gummies will certainly tick your boxes, and the same is also true when you need something flexible to allow you to shape dosages. However, CBD capsules may be best if you need the cannabinoid to be consistent with the results and for them to surface fast.


Although CBD capsules and edibles are ingestible CBD deliverable methods, they are not the same. CBD capsules are consistent with digestion and results, making them ideal for symptom-specific conditions. CBD gummies deliver the cannabinoid with taste and flavor, making them great for people who find it hard to take the bitter CBD oils and tinctures. Ultimately, your choice of CBD deliverable method depends on your preferences.


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