Allo CBD product review 2021

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ALLO CBD is an innovative approach to CBD production. The brand’s mission is to provide overall wellbeing to its customers through an innovative line of products. They have one of the best product lines we have seen on the market so far. We are so excited to write this review for you.

ALLO CBD offers a different kind of living. Being aware of the stressful lifestyle most of the modern world lives in, ALLO CBD made sure to provide their customers with only the best and highest quality products.

Line of products

ALLO CBD has one of the largest product lines we have seen so far. Their rich product portfolio consists of only the best and the highest quality products available on the market. The line of products includes:

  • CBD oil
  • CBD Coffee
  • CBD tinctures
  • CBD vape
  • CBD Softgels
  • CBD gummies

Unlike many other CBD online shops, ALLO CBD offers CBD-infused coffee, and we can’t wait to try it ourselves. These are just some of the amazing products ALLO CBD has to offer to its customers. You can find the full list of products on their site.

About the company

ALLO CBD is a UK-based CBD company with a wide selection of the highest quality CBD products. We couldn’t find much information about them on their site, but what we know is that they are based in Bury Saint Edmunds and that they are using only the highest quality hemp products directly from the farms in the USA.

All ALLO CBD products are lab tested and approved by a third-party lab, which means that they are providing their customers with only top-notch products. Unfortunately, that is all the information we were able to find about the company but all we know is that their quality and products speak for them.


Once you go to ALLO CBD sire, you will notice a very simple white design. It gives the impression of purity and a sense of calm. Same as their products. They are made from 100% organic, pure CBD that provides you with a sense of calm.

Price range: $19.99-$129.99

Extraction method: CO2

Worldwide shipping: Yes

Military veteran discount: No

Disability discount: No

Consumption method: Drops, Creams, Gummies, Capsules, Edibles

CBD strength: 25mg-2400mg

Offers taste: Yes

Offers THC-free products: Yes

Manufacturing process

ALLO uses innovative CO2 extraction technology to bring you the best products on the market. Even though they are officially Uk based stores, they order all their hemp from the best farms in the USA, especially Kentucky farms that are known to have the best and purest hemp on the market worldwide.

Every product from their product portfolio is carefully tested by a third-party lab and approved before it hits the market. They make sure that everything, from seed to final product is 100% natural and safe for consumers. We were unable to find much information about the manufacturing process but by conducting further research we have discovered that all of their products are ISO approved, approved b Hemp Commission, and 100% organic with low THC levels, so they are legal to consume and purchase worldwide.

It is also important to note that every product in the brand portfolio has a certificate of authenticity.

Bean & Bud Cafe

In efforts to create only the top-quality CBD products, ALLO CBD took the best and the highest quality coffee beans infused with CBD and created an innovative product. This product comes in three variations and it is a perfect addition to your coffee drinking experience and your daily life. Products available for you to purchase are:

  • Rise coffee
  • Rise coffee single-serve pods -CBD 360mg
  • French Vanilla Coffee booster -CBD 600mg
  • Balance Coffee – CBD 160mg
  • Bliss coffee – CBD 80mg

To maintain the perfect flavor, their coffee beans are sourced only from the best farms worldwide. By infusing them with CBD you get the perfect mix of taste and sense of bliss.

Range of products

ALLO CBD has a wide range of products to choose from and all of them are extremely high quality and very affordable. We have decided to order some of the products and test them so we can give you our opinion and is it worth the money. In the end, we have chosen to buy:

  • Hydra serum -100mg CBD
  • Mango tincture – 2400mg CBD
  • Anti-Stress gel capsules – 10mg CBD

We haven’t got coffee this time but we are sure we are going to enjoy the products we have got as much.

Hydra serum

The first product we have decided to put on test is hydra serum. This serum contains 100mg of CBD, and we paid $45.99 for 2oz of product. We put it on a test that same night. We have decided to use it as a night serum. The first thing we did was to clean our skin as we normally do after a long time, and applied this product on dry skin the same as any other serum.

The first thing we noticed was the calming sensation due to CBD extract. Our skin felt calm, smooth, and soft. We also need to report that our skin looked plumper and younger. We believe it is thanks to the fact that this serum contains double-weight molecules of hyaluronic acid, compared to other brands.

It is worth noting that this serum works the best if you use it every morning and night. Just clean your skin, shake the bottle before using, apply to the face and neck and make sure to avoid the eye area.

Our Verdict

We think this hydra serum is worth the money. It is maybe a bit more costly than the drugstore serum you use in your routine, but it is because it is infused with CBD that has rejuvenating properties. Using CBD-infused products on your skin is safer and healthier for your skin than chemicals in creams and serums. That is why they are cheaper. It is cheaper to produce a chemical than a natural product and this product is a worthwhile investment.

Mango tincture

For our next product, we choose the mango-flavored tincture with 2400mg CBD. This product comes in a few other flavors and variations in case you are sensitive to flavors or you simply prefer your CBD with no flavor. Besides mango, you can purchase:

French vanilla coffee booster – CBD 600mg

Unflavored tincture – CBD 2400mg

Unflavored tincture – CBD 1500 mg

Unflavored tincture – CBD 600mg

Mango tincture -CBD 1500

Mango tincture – CBD 600mg

We got ours for $110, but if you find this price a bit too much on your budget, you can get 600mg ones for as low as $40.

We choose this mango flavored because we enjoy a fruity taste. We have decided to mix one drop in our coffee to see if there is any difference. It tasted so sweet and delicious we almost didn’t need to add sugar. It has a mild fruity taste, mango mixed with coconut oil, so it almost tastes like summer. The first thing you will notice is the taste and the second thing you’ll notice is a sense of calm and relaxation.

It only takes a couple of minutes for drops to help you feel calm and ready to face another day. You will receive 1oz of products per package, which is more than enough to last you for a long time.

Our Verdict

10/10. We were pleasantly surprised by how good it tastes , especially mixed with your favorite drink. We have decided to mix it with morning coffee and use it as a healthy alternative to sugar in our caffeine drink. We have tried many tinctures but this one is by far the best. We highly recommend it to everyone who is not sensitive to flavors and who enjoys the smell and taste of summer.

Anti-stress gel capsules

This is the one product we couldn’t wait to test. We can say this is exactly what the doctor ordered. These capsules have been our lifesavers ever since we tested them. It contains a dose of CBD, only 10mg per capsule, so it won’t make you feel sleepy or lethargic and yet it will help you to deal with daily stress. It is infused with kava kaka root, which helps to promote stress relief.

All you need is 1-2 capsules a day, depending on your personal needs, to have a well-balanced, stress-free day. We paid $54.99 and it is worth every penny. It is double that amount considering how much it truly helped us battle stress and return the balance in our everyday life. This product contains:

  • 300mg hemp extract
  • Thiamin
  • Kava Kava roots
  • L- Theanine
  • Hemp oil
  • Vegetable cellulose capsules
  • Rice Flour

As you may notice, these capsules are 100% organic and completely safe to use.

Our Verdict

Another home run. This one is also 10/10 in our book. ALLO CBD has done it again. We enjoyed using these capsules so much, we have decided to order another bottle. We highly recommend this product and we strongly believe these are the only capsules you will ever need for your overall health and balanced life.


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