Absolute nature CBD review

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Getting a high-quality CBD brand can be challenging. Unfortunately, most CBD companies offer products with extremely low standards. Some clients have lost trust with most brands because of the poor-quality products. Meeting the desires of clients should be the top priority for companies. They should always focus on offering high-quality and safe products. Absolute Nature CBD aims for organic, pure, and affordable CBD. This company is transparent and offers laboratory reports on every product. Absolute Nature CBD company received an award in 2019 for being the best producer of natural cannabidiol products and the best innovative educational program. Additionally, the products’ CBD levels range from 10 percent variance to 1%. These products have also gone through third-party laboratory testing to eliminate any impurity.

About the Company

The Absolute Nature CBD company contains a high standard of hemp quality. This company uses non-chemical, economic-friendly cultivation practices and contains an organic certification from USDA for some products. Absolute Nature provides a wide range of CBD and CBG products, including topical gummies, hemp flowers, capsules, and tinctures. This company provides consumers with high-quality, organic, and safe cannabidiol products.

The company is committed to transparency and provides accessibility to each independent third-party lab report on its website. This information shows the potency and purity of the products. The third-party lab results indicated 981.40 mg of CBD per bottle, 18.6 mg less than indicated on its label. The results also indicate a cannabidiol variance of 2 percent. This variance lies within the allowed 10 percent. In this regard, 0.04 percent THC was found in each bottle which falls below the allowed 0.3 percent variance. Absolute Nature CBD products have also undergone testing for contaminants like foreign matter, residual solvents, microbial, mycotoxins, heavy metals, and pesticides. The company is also compliant with eco-friendly practices in businesses, manufacturing, and packaging practices.

Customer services offered by this company are convenient to everybody, and they provide fast responses to any client’s concern. What’s more, the website includes an educational side with numerous questions and answers regarding CBD, its dosage determinant, usage, and information concerning returns policy and shipping. They also provide information for new consumers. Other important information regarding the manufacturing processes is also included on the website, specifically the product page. Absolute Natures’ website is an environmentally friendly and EPA green power partner site hosting service. However, they do not provide individual company owners’ profiles.

The discount code provided by Absolute Nature CBD company helps clients save some money on every order. More interestingly, 60 percent generous discounts are granted to veterans and various special populations. However, Absolute Nature’s products price points are very competitive. For instance, their products range from about $0.10 per milligram of CBD.

In December 2019, the superiority of Absolute Nature CBD commodities and their outstanding qualities were recognized by Worldwide health & pharma marijuana awarding. Also, CBD providers have ranked Absolute Nature’s products among the five highest CBD in 2020.

Manufacturing Process

The company grows Absolute Nature’s hemp on Colorado farms without using chemicals because they uphold non-GMO and organic farming practices. They do not use pesticides, chemicals, or other synthetic ingredients during cultivation. Also, the company embraces environmentally-friendly farming, beneficial to the conservation of the environment. What’s more, the company targets recyclable packaging. Absolute Nature CBD products are manufactured in a safe processing practice and approved structure. These products go through third-party laboratory testing for purity and potency. This approval assures that the products conform to particular standards to ensure safety and consistency.

This company has received an organic certification (USDA). However, not all the products of this company received confirmation from USDA. Some were rejected for failing to meet set qualifications. Absolute Nature company uses industrial standard supercritical carbon dioxide processing method to manufacture CBD. This extraction method is the manufacturing gold level method within the cannabidiol domain. Moreover, it creates a full array of cannabidiol extract, involving a synergistic mixture of the hemp’s terpenes, cannabinoids, and different plant constituents.

Product Range

CBD Tincture

The 1000 milligrams CBD tinctures are usually packed into a glass with a dropper lid. The label on the product indicates the quantity of cannabidiol in a 1000 ml, type of CBD (carbon dioxide extracted, full range), size (30ml), product utilization, and ingredients. Usually, the tincture is processed with organic MCT oil for the highest bioavailability. The company proposes taking 1 milliliter of the tincture sublingually or orally below the tongue. We acquired the third-party lab report on the brand’s website, which coincided with our commodities’ group number. The lab results confirmed 891.40 milligrams of cannabidiol per bottle, 18.6 milligrams lower than the quantity indicated on the label, signifying a 2 percent CBD variance. However, this variance falls within the allowed 10 percent. Also, 0.04 percent THC per bottle composition was confirmed to be below the allowed 0.3 percent variance. This sample went via third-party examination to exclude contaminants, including foreign matter, Mycotoxins, solvents, heavy metals, microbial, and pesticides.

This oil contains an amber color, flows easily from its dropper, and has a moderate consistency. Its taste and smell are fragrant and herbal with terpene and lavender undertones.

CBD Relief Balm

This product blends 500 milligrams of cannabidiol with camphor, organic oils, and arnica, which soothes the body by providing relief where it is required. Most customer reviews about this product are positive, although some customers have noted that this product is oily and does not deliver long-lasting relief. For people new to CBD, the perfect strategy to target the correct product, especially for your requirements, is to discover the desired outcome. For overall body relief, a CBD oil, capsule, or a gum, suitable for oral consumption, are great choices, specifically, the topical cannabidiol is suitable for pain or tenderness in parts like shoulders, lower back, neck, elbows, or knees is ideal. However, before using it, consumers should conduct a minute patch test that might help shun skin reactions.

Absolute Nature also offers products having CBG alongside CBD. Although these commodities are lab-examined and approved, the research regarding this aspect is limited. However, studies establish that CBG might aid in controlling certain fatal body conditions.

CBD Fruit Slices

These products are packed into a glass tube with a top lid. Usually, the label indicates the CBD amount per gummy is 30 milligrams, usage instructions, ingredients, types of CBD (full spectrum, carbon dioxide extracted CBD), and the sum of gummies. CBD Fruit slices gummies are vegan and non-GMO, although this product has no organic verification from USDA. These gummies have a fruity taste and use inherent fruit juices for flavor and color. The company recommends consuming 1 gummy about one to three times daily or as required. However, it is essential to know that these suggestions are not approved. We acquired the third-party lab reports available on the website (product page), although our product did not indicate group number. Since there was only a single report published, we checked it and discovered 55.28 milligrams of cannabidiol per gummy. This was 25.28 milligrams higher than the listed amount, leading to an 84 percent CBD variance. This CBD variance is beyond the standard 10 percent variance. Also, there was 0.01 percent THC, which falls along with the authorized 0.3 percent variance. This sample went via testing and was approved for microbial, solvents, pesticides, and metals. Absolute Nature CBD company also makes gummies to resemble citrus fruit in different colors, including yellow, pink, orange, and purple. The gummies are generally delicious and chewy. They have a sugar covering, and a fruity, sweet taste, without a strong hemp taste.

What We Like About the Company

  • Absolute Nature brand conducts third-party testing and includes impurity information on its analysis’ certificate (COAs) for most products.
  • Clients with low income, veterans, first respondents, and the disabled qualify for a sixty percent discount.
  • They deliver many options.
  • Absolute Nature assures one monthly return policy, which allows you to return unfavorable products.
  • This brand delivers its products freely in the entire US.
  • The products are processed in the US with Colorado-cultivation hemp
  • The plant-based formulations in the products are approved to conform with GMPs (Good Manufacturing practices).

What we Dislike About the Company

  • The consumer response is limited. Since the company is quite new, acquiring third-party reviews is difficult.
  • They have limited natural products. The brand claims to utilize natural ingredients in most of its commodities, although there is no verification.
  • Absolute Naturals does not offer isolates or broad-spectrum products.
  • Certain products do not have intoxication details or contain older COAs, depicting danger.

Overall Verdict

The Absolute Nature brand has been proven legit through the products delivered to customers across the globe. Research concerning the benefits of the products is continuing, although no problem when you try it. Several studies claim that Absolute Naturals CBD products are healthy and show rare or minor side effects. When considering this brand, numerous types of CBD are available for selection. However, confirm from the company’s website that the selected product has no contaminants and has an updated COA. Absolute Nature guarantees its customers the effectiveness of the purchased products and has a favorable return policy. This company aims to produce potent and safe products for every client.


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